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We are thrilled to elevate your festivals and live concerts with cutting-edge technology and stunning visuals. Our services include state-of-the-art LED walls, captivating video backdrops, dynamic video backgrounds, and immersive visuals. We specialize in room mapping to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Our equipment is fully waterproof, making it perfect for beach events and outdoor venues. Whether you need custom backdrops or a visually spectacular setup, we are dedicated to enhancing your event with the best in visual entertainment. Check out our gallery for examples of our work and see how we can transform your next festival or concert into an extraordinary experience.

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LED Walls 
Our LED walls are perfect for outdoor concerts, offering vibrant, high-resolution displays that captivate your audience. These waterproof screens ensure uninterrupted visuals, no matter the weather. With versatile setup options, our LED walls can be customized to fit any stage size, delivering dynamic content that enhances the live music experience. Whether it's for live feeds, stunning graphics, or immersive backgrounds, our LED walls provide the ultimate visual impact for your event.
Power Systems
Our power systems are essential for festival stages, providing all the energy needed to keep your event running smoothly. With reliable and efficient solutions, our power systems ensure uninterrupted performance for lighting, sound, and other critical equipment. Whether your event requires standard power setups or complex configurations, we deliver the power needed to support every aspect of your festival, creating a seamless and electrifying experience for your audience.
Our rigging services are the backbone of any event setup, expertly handling the installation of various equipment on diverse structures. Whether it's trusses, stages, or other frameworks, our team utilizes manual methods, cranes, and hoists to securely set up your event components. With precision and safety as our top priorities, we ensure that every piece of equipment is properly rigged, providing a sturdy and dependable foundation for your event, no matter the scale or complexity.


Video Walls
Our advanced video walls are perfect for outdoor concerts, offering vivid, high-resolution displays that capture the audience's attention. These waterproof screens guarantee uninterrupted visuals regardless of weather conditions. With flexible setup options, our video walls can be tailored to fit any stage size, delivering engaging content that elevates the live music experience. Whether used for live feeds, dynamic graphics, or immersive backgrounds, our video walls provide a striking visual presence for your event.
Room Mapping
Our room projection mapping services are ideal for creating immersive experiences at outdoor concerts and festivals. Using high-quality, waterproof equipment, we project stunning visuals that transform any space. This technique allows for dynamic, interactive visuals that can adapt to the music and atmosphere, ensuring your event stands out. Our expertise in projection mapping ensures a seamless integration with your stage design, providing an unforgettable experience for your audience.
Outdoor Event Tents
Our outdoor event tents are perfect for concert stages, festivals, and more, offering durable, waterproof protection that ensures your event proceeds smoothly in any weather. Designed for versatility, these tents can accommodate various stage sizes and configurations. They provide a sheltered space for performances, equipment, and attendees, enhancing the overall event experience. With our robust and reliable tents, you can focus on delivering an outstanding performance, knowing your event is well-protected.
Waterproof Technology
Our waterproof technology ensures that all equipment functions flawlessly, no matter the weather conditions. From LED walls to sound systems, everything is designed to withstand the elements, providing reliable performance throughout your event. This technology guarantees that your concert or festival will run smoothly, rain or shine, enhancing the overall experience for performers and attendees alike.
Sound Systems
We offer top-of-the-line sound systems designed specifically for outdoor concerts. Our waterproof speakers and audio equipment deliver clear, powerful sound, ensuring every note and word reaches your audience perfectly. Built to withstand outdoor elements, our sound systems provide consistent and high-quality audio performance, making sure your event sounds as great as it looks.
Lighting Solutions
Our advanced lighting solutions are perfect for outdoor venues, featuring waterproof LED lights and fixtures. These lights create stunning visual effects that enhance the atmosphere of your concert or festival, regardless of the weather. With customizable options, our lighting solutions ensure your event is illuminated beautifully, creating a memorable experience for your audience.

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Aaron Wolf
Aaron Wolf
Here’s a Google review based on your summary: --- ### Exceptional Wedding Hosting and DJ Services at March 8th Event! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ We had the pleasure of having 732 Productions host our wedding, and it was nothing short of spectacular! Michael and Brian went above and beyond to ensure everything ran smoothly! Michael, with his incredible stage presence and voice, made our wedding entrance feel like a glamorous Hollywood event and kept the energy high throughout the night. DJ Mas Inc Aka Brian Gallant was phenomenal! He skillfully played all our requested songs and brought the house down with tracks that got everyone up and dancing! His ability to turn even the most unfamiliar songs into dance floor hits was truly impressive.! We've received numerous compliments from our guests about how Michael and Brian made the wedding a memorable experience. If you're looking for someone to host your event with professionalism and enthusiasm, or a DJ who can create an electrifying atmosphere, look no further than these guys. They come highly recommended for any couple wanting to add that special touch to their wedding day! Thank You!! Aaron & Samantha Wolf
Sean Bogdany
Sean Bogdany
732 Entertainment lit our party on fire in the most incredible way possible!! Hundreds of people were dancing for 5 hours, non-stop. Mike is an incredible emcee and has an amazing team. He made our Bar Mitzvah the most memorable evening it could possibly be!!
Camron Calvert
Camron Calvert
Their whole team was great! A lot of our family came back to us exclaiming how much they loved the MC and DJ. When it came out to last minute changes they were very flexible. They had such wonderful high energy! We couldn’t have chosen a better team!
Pete Lopez
Pete Lopez
I guess it depends on the type of event you have, but personally I would not trust anyone else with a wedding. Some things are OK to cheap out on, but there are some that you just cannot justify. My short list include: trash bags, seatbelts, and my wedding. Call Mike, stop reading reviews and just call Mike. He will take care of your day so you can have a great time. Thank you for everything, my wedding was the best wedding I have ever been to and you and your team played no small part in that.
Sylvia Trein
Sylvia Trein
We had a great experience with 732 Event and Design for our nontraditional wedding! We essentially just threw a party with buffet, drinks, and dancing. The whole process was smooth, the music and lights were awesome, and everyone we were in contact with was friendly and helpful and made our special event better! Michael had to jump through some hoops with our venue and did so graciously so that everything could run as planned—thank you so much! Highly recommend these guys for your wedding or other event.
Lana Mykytiuk
Lana Mykytiuk
We were lucky to have Michael and the 732 Group help us make our son’s Bar Mitzvah unforgettable! It also happened to be a 2024 New Year party, and it was truly an unforgettable night that set the perfect tone for welcoming the new year. The dancers stole the show with their mesmerizing performances. They interacted with the audience, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. The MC did an outstanding job of keeping the party alive; his humor and enthusiasm were infectious, and the event felt personal and inclusive. The DJ was the heartbeat of the party. He knew exactly when to switch the tempo to keep the dance floor packed. The music selection was diverse, spanning different genres and eras, ensuring that everyone had something to groove to. The DJ's ability to read the crowd and respond to their energy levels was impressive. Overall, this New Year's party was a huge success thanks to the talented entertainers. The combination of sensational dancers, an engaging MC, and a skilled DJ created an electric atmosphere that had everyone on their feet and celebrating. It was a night filled with music, dance, and laughter, and it's a party I'll remember for years to come.
Kate Heffernan
Kate Heffernan
I cannot speak highly enough about Michael and the whole 732 team! They kept the party going, reading the vibe of the dance floor perfectly throughout our entire wedding. The dance floor truly never emptied out!
Michael & his team are beyond amazing! He was the DJ at my daughter’s November wedding & everyone complimented us on the great music - he kept the crowd engaged & having fun. And such a nice & sincere man! We HIGHLY recommend 732 Event & Design.
Michael Henry
Michael Henry
Mike and the gang played the best music, got the crowd amped, and Kait steals the hearts of the single lads in the crowd. Can't find a better private event crew than this one. So much fun. Thanks guys! Diabetic Mike
Andrew Keats
Andrew Keats
We got married 10-22-23. Jordan and Michael and their crew were the consummate professionals. They worked with us at every step to make sure the music and lights were exactly what we envisioned. The venue complemented them as well and said they’re going to recommend them for future parties. We highly recommend them. Thank you ALL for helping make our wedding just what we wanted.

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