Broadcast your event with live streaming.

We want all of your loved ones right there with you on your special occasion, but we know sometimes that just isn't possible. Which is why we've perfected the art of live-streaming your events to all those near and dear.

With tested technologies, creative experts, and a positive approach, we at 732 Event & Design are proud to offer live streaming services for any kind of corporate, charity, academic, or personal event! 

Our team uses professional equipment to make sure the video is smooth, fast, and clear for everyone viewing. 

For corporate events, we can even provide virtual entertainment like interactive games, magic shows, and more. 

Book a free live streaming consultation with us now. 

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Our Mantra

We live by the saying, “People won’t remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel.” It’s our priority to make sure each client feels heard and understood because we know just how important these events are to you. 
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